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Monday, August 29, 2016

Updating mentees

Growing up, I always struggle to answer "hang berapa orang adik beradik" because somehow if I answer that question, my cousins (which I grew up with and super close) will say "ohhh habis tu kami ni bukan abang abang hang la?"

"tapii, hampa sepupu"

"dak la ni, hang tak rasa kami abang abang hang la"

I will never win -_______________-"

our family will call us the three musketeers because we were always together (basically nakai ja bukan apa pun). When they were in high school, I was in the primary school and our schools were next to each other. Bila waktu rehat ja, these two rascals will come to their school's gate and will call me because they know I will always sit at the same spot during my recess hours. Anyway, nothing interesting, depa panggil pi dekat pagaq lepastu pow RM1 every single time.

We were never bored of each other. Balik sekolah, lepak main lepak sampai pukul 12 malam. Finished school, they left home and came back, and it was my turn to leave home. I still remember few days before I left, we were sitting in front of the TV and we were talking about stuff back in the past

"hang paling last keluaq rumah, tapi hang pi paling jauh"

"nanti hang balik, kalau hang rambut blonde, acu campak hang masuk parit depan dulu sebelum masuk rumah!"

My two acus got married last year, in the same month. So much of bromance okay dua orang ni kawin pun nak tahun sama, nak bulan sama, semua nak samaaaaa. God knows how I cried during their akad nikah punya ceremony partly because I know I have to share them (a good thing in a way sebab they cannot buli me anymore but nope, no chance, still got bullied until today) and partly due to happiness because I got two maksu now.

and now, both of them dah jadi bapak. to a baby girl and a baby boy. and once again I cried. It feels like only a few years have passed when I first left home, only a few years have past when I was forcing them to come with me to buy stuff for my school project. Now I have two additional mentees in the family, wow so much emotions right now.

brb trying to sort my life out