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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

[REVIEW] Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar 4 in 1 Foaming Clay

I went to the drugstore trying to find something that is not too expensive, but good and I desperately needed masks or anything to add to my skin care routine. And I found this

To be honest, I was attracted to it because of the "mask, scrub, cleanser & toner" thing. Of course la being the cheapskate me, I decided to buy it. Another bonus point is that it contains apple cider vinegar which is being said to be the holy grail to the face. To add on to the point, it is from Freeman kottt. I dah pernah try mask Freeman sebelum ni and they were gooood. 


I applied a thin layer of this mask after washing my face with the normal cleanser. Left it for 15 minutes more or less, and slowly scrubbing your face. My face feels very fresh after that and cleannnn. Tips : Jangan bagi mask ni kering dekat muka, bagi dia macam lembap lembap sikit lepastu basahkan dengan air, slowwwlyyyy scrub. Kalau bagi dia kering, nanti dia akan keringkan kulit muka.

You could actually feel the difference after applying this mask/scrub. So it is a yes especially time malas sangat nak apply scrub, lepastu mask la. 


I did try it as a cleanser for a week or so and the review is that it works great as a cleanser but my face will be reddish after that. I needed mosturizer (like a lot) and decided that as a cleanser and toner, this product does not really suit sensitive skin. 

Overall, if you have a sensitive skin like mine, I suggest that you stick to your cleanser and use this product as your mask and scrub. I would definitely purchase this product again to be used as mask and scrub!

Price : RM23.20/175mL

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Thanks for finally talking about >"[REVIEW] Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar 4 in 1 Foaming Clay" <Loved it!