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Monday, November 26, 2018

[REVIEW] Muji Moisturising Milk and Light Toning Water

Hai, mungkin I terlambat untuk join the hype pasai Muji punya produk ni sebab Muji sombong takmau bukak dekat Utara. Masa dekat Shah Alam dulu, bila masuk Muji ja tengok benda lain lepastu rasa macam skeptikal dengan produk skincare dia. Sorry, I was wrong.

Anyway, earlier this month I went to KL and my friend really really really recommended this Muji product. I pun okay la jom pi beli. Sooo before I start with my review, once again I would like to remind that what works on me might not work on you. (My skin type is dry and sensitive)

I bought two products on that day, one is Muji Light Toning Water (High Moisture) and Muji Moisturising Milk (Moisture).

1. Muji Light Toning Water (High Moisture)


- Provides fresh hydration for sensitive skin that dries easily



The reason why I bought the travel size toner is because I already have a good toner at home which I will do a review insyaAllah soon (hehehehehehehehehe). I rarely use my toner using cotton pad sebab I rasa macam cotton pad tu serap toner I nanti habis la cepat. Anyway, its up to you how to apply your toner.

I have a dry skin and I decided to use the high moisture because I prefer my moisturiser to be light. My impression of this toner is that it is verrrryyyy light and easily to be absorbed into the skin. I pakai dia macam fuh hilang terus meresap ke kulit ku yang kering ini. 

Anyway, some of you did ask me do we really need toner in our skincare routine? It is optional okay, but certain toners can help to balance out the pH in your skin. 

Okay sambung, this toner doesn't cause me any breakouts and alsoooo it doesn't irritate my sensitie skin. Range ni pun memang untuk sensitive skin, nanti boleh tengok dekat area skincare tu dia ada macam guide la mana untuk sensitive skin, mana untuk normal skin. Guidance I merupakan kawan I. Thank you Za.

I would re-purchase this toner for sure. 

2. Muji Moisturising Milk (Moisture)


- Provides fresh hydration for sensitive skin that dries easily
- Low irriration
-Fragrance free
- Artificial colour free
- Mineral oil free
- Mildly acidic
- Paraben free
- Alcohol free



Before that, yes, moisturiser is important even if you have an oily skin. Oily skin sometimes is a sign of dehydration so lumurlah dengan moisturiser.

My thoughts on this one? I have tried a lot of moisturisers that ended up me no likey. After using this moisturiser, bye I am not changing my moisturiser until I find a better one. My decision to buy the bigger size is spot on, well done Amalina. 

It is very hydrating, so I don't need a lot to make my skin feels hydrated again. It absorbs fast too! So extra point for this moisturiser. I did not buy the high moisture because my logic is that my toner is already high moisture toner so I takmau la over sangat eh hang ni nak lebih lebih high moisture sangat. 

Another extra point for this moisturiser is that it is paraben free. I am allergic to paraben and most of other brands will always have paraben. Thank you muji sebab takdak paraben. 

I (again) would repurchase this but I am sure it will be not any time soon because the bottle is enough to last me for moreee than two months.

Sampai berjumpa lagi untuk review seterusnya (yg harapnya cepat la Amalina oi)

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