Sunday, April 07, 2019

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I just realised how "heavy" my previous posts. Hello, we need the fun Amalina back? Thanks.

Anyway, here's some update, even if no one is interested, I am still going to update myself. Ehek. I am cutting on my sugary drinks intake. Not that I drink a lot of sugary drinks (bubble tea doesn't count), I am okay with cutting sugary drinks. But recently, our shipments from the UK arrived and we are now selling hot chocolates! 

Come visit our shopee (and buy some hehehehehe)

(search : TheAi)

A lot of the customers were asking me for my recommendation. I used this as an excuse to try sachets of all the hot chocolates just because I nearly forgotten the taste of those hot chocolates. Nak recommend kena la tahu rasa kan?

Need. To. Restart. My. No. Sugary. Drinks. Challenge!

I still remember my first hot chocolate. It was by the brand Options (which we also sell). I don't like nor dislike the taste of that hot chocolate, it was okaaay lah. Probably back then I needed more chocolaty chocolate drink which I ended up always choosing Galaxy or Mars chocolate drink. Now, I realised that I prefer Options and also Cadbury Light which are less chocolaty taste and also less sugar. 

I am not sure I am getting older or my previous no sugary drinks challenge actually work and made my taste buds becoming more sensitive to sweet stuff?

Also, I recently adopted more cats. I went to a restaurant and saw this beautiful mother cat with her four kittens. The guy from the restaurant saw me stroking the cat and asked me whether I wanted them. I already have a few cats at home not to mention my kaklong kawasan (my first cat) doesn't really like other cats. The thing that made me decided to take them when he said "kalau you taknak, kami terpaksa letak dekat markit kot sebab dah banyak sangat kucing ni". I said without thinking anymore "kotak ada tak? I ambik semua".

The cats roam around during the day, the kittens mostly are in the house during the day. At night, they sleep in their cages (except for kaklong kawasan, she sleeps indoor)  just because my house is near the main road. Nanti kena langgar, teriak I. I am very sensitive to smell. My routine everyday is basically disinfecting and doing everything that I can so that my house doesn't smell like I have thousands of cats. My friend came one day and the first thing she said "awat rumah hang wangi teruk ni". Better than smelly right? I take that as a compliment, thanks.

I'll update more later. Until then, bye!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Pleasant Surprise

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A Pleasant Surprise

I have been busy lately (ni sungguh busy bukan buat buat busy seperti alasan tipikal sebelum sebelum ni) hehehe. 

Masa tengah busy ni la otak I "bising" teruk, masa tu la nak fikir benda benda lain, masa tu la nak rindu Atok lebih lebih daripada biasa, masa tu la nak fikir idea. Kiranya tiba tiba semua benda jadi macam so overwhelming dia rasa nak teriak ja malas nak buat apa apa. 

Bila semua benda rasa macam too much to digest, I take a break. Masa tengah rehat sat dari fikirkan masalah duniawi yg tak pernah berhenti ni, tiba tiba I dapat notification email. I terdetik takmau baca sat sebab ceh konon konon me time, notification dari email ni selalunya menandakan kerja, kerja, design daripada IH, kerja, summary fitbit, summary website, kerja dan sales. 

Tapi sebab I sejenis curious tak bertempat, I pun bukak la email tu.

And I received this :

Email ni sebenarnya daripada diri I sendiri. I tak ingat pun pasai email ni sebenarnya. Tahun lepas, I guna satu website ni untuk tulis email kt diri sendiri, saja ja mengada nak try. Tak sangka email ni sampai bila waktu I memerlukan sangat sangat. Thank you Amalina2018! 

(Tapi stress sikit sebab bila email ni dapat, dia punya tanda bacaan apa semua kelaut. Its okay, I am happy already)

Anyway, this is for me and also for you.

"If you count the facours of Allah, you will not be able to calculate. Indeed He is forgiving and merciful. Allah does not burden  a soul beyond that it can bear. 

Rather than stressing about things we cannot control, pray to the One in control. Pray to the One in control and find relief."


Thursday, February 07, 2019

Gloomy Post

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Gloomy Post

At my age, I am at the point where I am receiving news from my friends that they are getting engaged, getting married, expecting and gave birth. Those are the happy news. 

At this point of my life as well, I am receiving news of people's death. These are the sad news. 

Today, while I was busy sorting out my duniawi stuff, I received a news that my classmate during my degree passed away. He was a year younger than me. True, it's already time for him to go back to Him, but it hit me hard because back then during degree, we were so carefree, he was in my circle of friends and later on we did not keep in touch because, life. In fact, not many of us knew about him after graduating.

And today I got the news that he is gone, forever. 

It made me wonder if today is my day, will I be ready to actually face Him? I have been reminding myself and my family members that "syarat untuk mati tu hidup" but am I ready?

Since Atok passed away, I lost another two of my extended family members. Both were young. Latest is my friend. 

And since Atok passed away, people been asking the same question ; how did I moved on? The answer is, I never moved on. I am struggling but I am living in her memories. God knows how hard it is.

This dunya is temporary. I hope when my time is up, I am bringing with me enough deeds to allow me to be reunited with Atok and Tok (and be reunited with my parents)(and spouse)(and my family), insyaAllah.

Al-Fatihah to everyone that has gone back to our Creator.

P/S : I have never stopped missing you, Atok.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

[TRIP] Barcelona, Spain

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[TRIP] Barcelona, Spain

Sebelum I lupa dan update entri ni tahun depan, baik lah I tulis siap siap supaya mungkin dapat jadi pedoman dekat siapa siapa yang nak pi Barcelona.

PSA : Bukan dekat Barcelona ja, tapi dekat mana mana tempat pun please be careful especially when you are travelling alone. Tapi sebab mak abah I pernah kena rompak dulu dekat Barcelona so I jadi lagi extra careful la.

Departed to Barcelona from Liverpool John Lennon's Airport very early in the morningg. The journey took around 2 hours + to Barcelona and as usual, I slept most of the time (except for this particular time where I woke up and saw this view) (lepas tu sambung tidoq balik)

Arrived at Barcelona. Okay from the airport, the signs were confusing. I was supposed to go to the hotel by train but because the signs were confusing, it took me quite some time to actually figure out where I was supposed to go. When I (finally) figured out, I had to walk about 15 minutes to finally arrived at the train station. 

Padahal ada ja free shuttle yang boleh bawak pi train station tapi biasa la, first time. 

At the train station, tak reti nak beli tiket pulaaak sebab mostly the instructions are in Spanish, you could change the language to English but it will take some time and also the queue was long. Thank you to the station's helper where I explained where I was going and whether he could show me how to purchase the ticket.

So guys, if you are staying more than two days in Barcelona and you are most likely to use the public transport, the kind helper suggested to buy the T-10 ticket. It will cost you 10.20 euros. But if you are sure you are just going to the places nearby to your hotel, tak payah beli tiket tu pun takpa, beli tiket single. 

(T-10 ticket is only valid to be used for 10 terminals) (I was in Barcelona for 4 days and I used up the ticket)

1. La Sagrada Familia

This was the first place that I went because it was the nearest. It was a 15 minutes walk from my apartment tapi kalau malas sangat boleh ja naik train lepastu turun kat satu station selepas itu. Tapi I cheapskate nak simpan tiket haruslah I sanggup jalan kaki (padahal nak tengok tempat makan jugak) 

*sorry pemalas nak type, I ambik dekat website dia ja hehehe*

Masa I kat Barcelona ni I ada terfikir nak jadi arkitek tapi tu lah........

Nak masuk dalam ni kena beli tiket, dan tiket tu kena beli online. The amount of people that were going into the building tu fuh ramai so I decided to move on. I heard that it is only open on certain days in January. Mungkin sebab tak ramai tourists kot masa bulan bulan tu.

2. Park Guell

This is basically, a park. Previously it was an exclusive project camtu la for Gaudi to design few houses in the park so jadi macam community rumah rumah style la dekat situ. Now it has been turned into a park. If you just want to have a walk around the park, you are free to do so. However, if you want to go into the area of the nice houses, you have to buy the ticket. I forgotten how much it was but it was less than 10 euros, probably around 6 euros? 

If you are on a tight budget, you might not want to pay for the ticket and just walk in the park. However if you want to see what is the big deal and also for you to experience the architecture, go ahead. I went in, and for me it was okay la worth it la (ayat penyedap hati). The place was nice but they were again, a lot of people. Hello I thought January is a quiet month for Barcelona?!

Ni gambar gambar sneak peek ajerrr.

The Metro system as usual ikut warna. Contoh macam nak pi balik apartment I, kena naik train yang nanti sambung dengan line F5 Blue. My problem was, the colours were *cough* confusing *cough*. I got on the wrong line because the guide book instructed catch the train Metro Zone Orange, I ended up taking the Metro Zone Red because the colours are the same..........

3. La Rambla

A 1.2 kilometres pedestrian streets where a lot of shops and also restaurants located here. I rasa I patut duduk dekat sini. Nasib baik ja apartment I jauh dari sini kalau tak kerja I tengok kedai kedai dekat sini ja. 

Remember there was a story that went viral, about a dog that being shot in front of a hotel because his homeless human was being taken away by the authorities and he wa just trying to save his human? Ha'ah the hotel is located around this area. 

4. Montjuic

There are cable cars and public transport to go to this hill. But when I went to the station there were notices saying that at the moment the train to go to Montjuic is under renovation. I need to catch a bus to go to this place but I WALKED to this place. 

It took me probably more that 30 minutes to arrive on top of the hill. Anyway, the view was worth it. Tapi kejap je la sebab lepas tu nak pergi museum, museum tutup. Nak pergi art gallery, art gallery tutup. Semua tengah renovate sebab sepatutnya kan Januari bukan peak month. If you want to visit these places, check dulu bulan you nak pi tu semua tutup ka dak.


Nasib baik view cantik

Oh there is a park on top of this hill. Niceeee but again the cafe was closed, and also it was a bit quiet there and secluded. If you are alone, I suggest not to stay there for too long or even don't use the park as a shortcut. I jalan pun macam lipas kudung sebab nak pi museum (yang tutup).

5. Casa Mila

Casa Mila, or La Pedrera (the stone quarry due to its inconventional rough-hewn appearance). It is the last private residence designed by Antoni Gaudi.

My photo doesn't do justice to the place. It is beautiful. I masa ni dah kelam kabut nak pi airport dah nak balik tapi haruslah menyempat nak menyinggah last pit stop.

I bagi list 5 ja sebab 5 tempat ni yang I plan nak pi tengok. Along the way I nak pi tempat tempat ni, I banyak menyinggah dan ada banyak random places yang I terjumpa dengan tak sengaja (tapi I malas nak masukkan sebab I terjumpa dengan tak sengaja dan I tak ingat pun jalan hewhewhew).

Overall, Barcelona is a nice place to go and explore. The people are okay okay la tak ramah sangat, tak sombong sangat. Diorang dekat sana bawak kereta fuh sakit jantung, nak lintas tu elok elok la. 

Suggestions : Jangan bawak cash banyak sangat, letak cash dengan cards dekat hidden money bag. Belajar basic Spanish sebab orang orang tua dekat sini diorang tak prefer sangat cakap English. Diorang faham korang cakap English tapi diorang akan reply dalam Spanish. There was an incident happened depan apartment I. Makcik makcik ni nak membawang dengan I sebab I ada dekat situ, tapi I faham basic Spanish, diorang faham basic English, boleh bayang dak conversation kami macam ayam dengan itik?

Would I revisit? Yes. Tapi lepas I dah pi tempat lain pulak.

If you are planning to go, have fun and be safeeee.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Letter to Amalina

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Letter to Amalina

Kan baru baru ni orang buat 10 years challenge tu kan, I tiba tiba terfikir masa tengah bawak kereta apa yang dah jadi sejak 10 tahun lepas dan jugak kalau boleh jumpa diri I masa 10 tahun lepas, apa yang I akan pesan.

(10 tahun lepas I baru 13)(Aha who am I kidding)(10 tahun lepas I dh nak habis sekolah dah pun)

I ingat lagi, Amalina 10 tahun lepas rasa macam dia dah ada perancangan masa depan yang power dan hanya tunggu masa untuk tunaikan segala perancangan masa depan tu ja. I was carefree sebab rasa wow I cannot wait to be an adult. Tapi dia lupa, "They plan and Allah plans, and Allah is the best planner " - Quran (8:30)

Dear Amalina 10 tahun yang lalu,

1. Your journey (and life in general) will be bumpy after you leave school. The journey will be filled with laughter, tears and a lot of unresolved feelings. Enjoy them, learn from them. 

2. You are stronger than you think you are. 

3. Sila lah mula makan makanan yang berkhasiat dan teruskan bersukan walaupun ada tahun yang hang lagi rela lepak depan TV dan melagha. Metabolism diri hang takkan sepower masa hang sekolah (dan awal 20 an)

4. You will make a decision to come back to Malaysia, just do it. You will see all the hikmahs after 7 years.

5. Prioritise your family. Spend a lot of time with them, please. Let them always know that you love them.

6. Continue your doa through happiness and sorrows. Put your 100% trust in Him.

7. Always. Trust. Your. Instincts. 

8. Your plans don't always work beb because that is Lyf3

Kalau I nak masukkan yang spesifik punya pesanan, I macam rasa tak patut, jadi I letak yang mana I rasa appropriate ja untuk dipertontonkan. Reflecting back, I tak boleh cakap kehidupan I sekarang ni lagi elok dari kehidupan 10 tahun yang lepas, tapi I am happier. 

Okay tu ja I tak sanggup nak korek balik gambar 10 tahun lepas sebab tudung I tak pernahnya nak behave (benda yang masih tak berubah sampai sekarang)

Friday, January 04, 2019

My 2018

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My 2018

Hello 2019 (walaupun benda ni publish hari ketiga dalam 2019, but not too bad memandangkan I pernah publish entri pasal kejadian setahun yg lepas). The reason why I am posting this entry is probably because I want to be reminded later on in my life about 2018 in a nutshell. I read my own blog anyway.

1/ Started off my year with Atok in the hospital. I have talked too much about Atok being in the hospital but it was definitely an experience that I won't forget until the day I die. Sabarlah anakku nanti emak mu akan cerita benda ni berulang kali kepadamu. I am glad I took care of Atok, I am glad that I did everything that I could for her and I am glad I was there for her. 

Jaga orang sakit ada masa tak senang sebab tu pahala jaga orang sakit banyak. Kalau lah ada yg baca entri ni dan tengah jaga orang sakit, kalau ada masa yg hampa rasa penat, buaaang ja penat tu jauh jauh sebab masa kita kecik dulu lagi kita mengada teruk okay, depa sabaq ja jaga kita. 

2/ Things happened, I now realised that my circle is definitely getting smaller. When I was younger (because I am still young k), I need a lot of friends and I couldn't imagine myself losing any of my friends. Especially in 2018, I realised that I have lost a lot of friends along the way. Probably they left me or in most cases, I was the one who left. I told this to someone, dan dia cakap "baguih la tak ramai kawan, dengan ekonomi la ni, hang boleh save duit masa kenduri hang. Tak payah jemput ramai ramai" #PemikiranOrangKaya2019

3/ I wish I could share what happened but nope I'll leave it. Anyway, after stuff happened, I am now working on something with a lot of ideas in mind, and also with a partner. Secured a project and alsoo I am officially contributing to a well known website which I will share later on kot. Rezeki orang lain-lain. What I have now are probably the things that you don't have, but there are stuff in your life that I probably have been wanting it for so long. God is fair.

4/ The saddest highlight of my 2018 is ; losing my Atok in this dunia (she will always be in my heart). It has been months but the pain hasn't gone away, and the fact that I am missing her all the time is not helping. 

If I were to put my feelings into words, this caption from Kamal Effendi to his late wife in which I quote "So odd that from the very back of my mind, I still feel like I am waiting you to come back. As if I have so much to catch up, to tell, or possibly for you to listen to many things I have in my mind clouding up my thought on these days" is exactly what I am feeling.

Oh and a PSA, I am talking on behalf of the people that have been DM-ing me mengadu benda sama dekat I and also on behalf of myself. If you know someone that is still grieving or post grieving, don't ever ever go and say "takpa weh, redha, move on. Aku dulu pun macam hang, aku move on." The thing is, we redha dah lama dah, kalau tak redha, I'll be dekat kubur dah meraung kenapa tak ambik I sekali. And you don't know how close they were, people move on bila dia rasa nak move on la. Tapi bagi I, I can't see myself moving on from this pain but I learn how to live with this pain.

I think that is all that I want to share. Berjumpa lagi kita di entri yg lain, semoga entri yg lain tu bukan lah entri untuk recap 2019 pulak. Hehehehehe