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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

[TRIP] Barcelona, Spain

Sebelum I lupa dan update entri ni tahun depan, baik lah I tulis siap siap supaya mungkin dapat jadi pedoman dekat siapa siapa yang nak pi Barcelona.

PSA : Bukan dekat Barcelona ja, tapi dekat mana mana tempat pun please be careful especially when you are travelling alone. Tapi sebab mak abah I pernah kena rompak dulu dekat Barcelona so I jadi lagi extra careful la.

Departed to Barcelona from Liverpool John Lennon's Airport very early in the morningg. The journey took around 2 hours + to Barcelona and as usual, I slept most of the time (except for this particular time where I woke up and saw this view) (lepas tu sambung tidoq balik)

Arrived at Barcelona. Okay from the airport, the signs were confusing. I was supposed to go to the hotel by train but because the signs were confusing, it took me quite some time to actually figure out where I was supposed to go. When I (finally) figured out, I had to walk about 15 minutes to finally arrived at the train station. 

Padahal ada ja free shuttle yang boleh bawak pi train station tapi biasa la, first time. 

At the train station, tak reti nak beli tiket pulaaak sebab mostly the instructions are in Spanish, you could change the language to English but it will take some time and also the queue was long. Thank you to the station's helper where I explained where I was going and whether he could show me how to purchase the ticket.

So guys, if you are staying more than two days in Barcelona and you are most likely to use the public transport, the kind helper suggested to buy the T-10 ticket. It will cost you 10.20 euros. But if you are sure you are just going to the places nearby to your hotel, tak payah beli tiket tu pun takpa, beli tiket single. 

(T-10 ticket is only valid to be used for 10 terminals) (I was in Barcelona for 4 days and I used up the ticket)

1. La Sagrada Familia

This was the first place that I went because it was the nearest. It was a 15 minutes walk from my apartment tapi kalau malas sangat boleh ja naik train lepastu turun kat satu station selepas itu. Tapi I cheapskate nak simpan tiket haruslah I sanggup jalan kaki (padahal nak tengok tempat makan jugak) 

*sorry pemalas nak type, I ambik dekat website dia ja hehehe*

Masa I kat Barcelona ni I ada terfikir nak jadi arkitek tapi tu lah........

Nak masuk dalam ni kena beli tiket, dan tiket tu kena beli online. The amount of people that were going into the building tu fuh ramai so I decided to move on. I heard that it is only open on certain days in January. Mungkin sebab tak ramai tourists kot masa bulan bulan tu.

2. Park Guell

This is basically, a park. Previously it was an exclusive project camtu la for Gaudi to design few houses in the park so jadi macam community rumah rumah style la dekat situ. Now it has been turned into a park. If you just want to have a walk around the park, you are free to do so. However, if you want to go into the area of the nice houses, you have to buy the ticket. I forgotten how much it was but it was less than 10 euros, probably around 6 euros? 

If you are on a tight budget, you might not want to pay for the ticket and just walk in the park. However if you want to see what is the big deal and also for you to experience the architecture, go ahead. I went in, and for me it was okay la worth it la (ayat penyedap hati). The place was nice but they were again, a lot of people. Hello I thought January is a quiet month for Barcelona?!

Ni gambar gambar sneak peek ajerrr.

The Metro system as usual ikut warna. Contoh macam nak pi balik apartment I, kena naik train yang nanti sambung dengan line F5 Blue. My problem was, the colours were *cough* confusing *cough*. I got on the wrong line because the guide book instructed catch the train Metro Zone Orange, I ended up taking the Metro Zone Red because the colours are the same..........

3. La Rambla

A 1.2 kilometres pedestrian streets where a lot of shops and also restaurants located here. I rasa I patut duduk dekat sini. Nasib baik ja apartment I jauh dari sini kalau tak kerja I tengok kedai kedai dekat sini ja. 

Remember there was a story that went viral, about a dog that being shot in front of a hotel because his homeless human was being taken away by the authorities and he wa just trying to save his human? Ha'ah the hotel is located around this area. 

4. Montjuic

There are cable cars and public transport to go to this hill. But when I went to the station there were notices saying that at the moment the train to go to Montjuic is under renovation. I need to catch a bus to go to this place but I WALKED to this place. 

It took me probably more that 30 minutes to arrive on top of the hill. Anyway, the view was worth it. Tapi kejap je la sebab lepas tu nak pergi museum, museum tutup. Nak pergi art gallery, art gallery tutup. Semua tengah renovate sebab sepatutnya kan Januari bukan peak month. If you want to visit these places, check dulu bulan you nak pi tu semua tutup ka dak.


Nasib baik view cantik

Oh there is a park on top of this hill. Niceeee but again the cafe was closed, and also it was a bit quiet there and secluded. If you are alone, I suggest not to stay there for too long or even don't use the park as a shortcut. I jalan pun macam lipas kudung sebab nak pi museum (yang tutup).

5. Casa Mila

Casa Mila, or La Pedrera (the stone quarry due to its inconventional rough-hewn appearance). It is the last private residence designed by Antoni Gaudi.

My photo doesn't do justice to the place. It is beautiful. I masa ni dah kelam kabut nak pi airport dah nak balik tapi haruslah menyempat nak menyinggah last pit stop.

I bagi list 5 ja sebab 5 tempat ni yang I plan nak pi tengok. Along the way I nak pi tempat tempat ni, I banyak menyinggah dan ada banyak random places yang I terjumpa dengan tak sengaja (tapi I malas nak masukkan sebab I terjumpa dengan tak sengaja dan I tak ingat pun jalan hewhewhew).

Overall, Barcelona is a nice place to go and explore. The people are okay okay la tak ramah sangat, tak sombong sangat. Diorang dekat sana bawak kereta fuh sakit jantung, nak lintas tu elok elok la. 

Suggestions : Jangan bawak cash banyak sangat, letak cash dengan cards dekat hidden money bag. Belajar basic Spanish sebab orang orang tua dekat sini diorang tak prefer sangat cakap English. Diorang faham korang cakap English tapi diorang akan reply dalam Spanish. There was an incident happened depan apartment I. Makcik makcik ni nak membawang dengan I sebab I ada dekat situ, tapi I faham basic Spanish, diorang faham basic English, boleh bayang dak conversation kami macam ayam dengan itik?

Would I revisit? Yes. Tapi lepas I dah pi tempat lain pulak.

If you are planning to go, have fun and be safeeee.

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