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Sunday, April 07, 2019

I just realised how "heavy" my previous posts. Hello, we need the fun Amalina back? Thanks.

Anyway, here's some update, even if no one is interested, I am still going to update myself. Ehek. I am cutting on my sugary drinks intake. Not that I drink a lot of sugary drinks (bubble tea doesn't count), I am okay with cutting sugary drinks. But recently, our shipments from the UK arrived and we are now selling hot chocolates! 

Come visit our shopee (and buy some hehehehehe)

(search : TheAi)

A lot of the customers were asking me for my recommendation. I used this as an excuse to try sachets of all the hot chocolates just because I nearly forgotten the taste of those hot chocolates. Nak recommend kena la tahu rasa kan?

Need. To. Restart. My. No. Sugary. Drinks. Challenge!

I still remember my first hot chocolate. It was by the brand Options (which we also sell). I don't like nor dislike the taste of that hot chocolate, it was okaaay lah. Probably back then I needed more chocolaty chocolate drink which I ended up always choosing Galaxy or Mars chocolate drink. Now, I realised that I prefer Options and also Cadbury Light which are less chocolaty taste and also less sugar. 

I am not sure I am getting older or my previous no sugary drinks challenge actually work and made my taste buds becoming more sensitive to sweet stuff?

Also, I recently adopted more cats. I went to a restaurant and saw this beautiful mother cat with her four kittens. The guy from the restaurant saw me stroking the cat and asked me whether I wanted them. I already have a few cats at home not to mention my kaklong kawasan (my first cat) doesn't really like other cats. The thing that made me decided to take them when he said "kalau you taknak, kami terpaksa letak dekat markit kot sebab dah banyak sangat kucing ni". I said without thinking anymore "kotak ada tak? I ambik semua".

The cats roam around during the day, the kittens mostly are in the house during the day. At night, they sleep in their cages (except for kaklong kawasan, she sleeps indoor)  just because my house is near the main road. Nanti kena langgar, teriak I. I am very sensitive to smell. My routine everyday is basically disinfecting and doing everything that I can so that my house doesn't smell like I have thousands of cats. My friend came one day and the first thing she said "awat rumah hang wangi teruk ni". Better than smelly right? I take that as a compliment, thanks.

I'll update more later. Until then, bye!

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