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Monday, April 27, 2015

Starting New

playing (stuck on the puzzle // Alex Turner)

I have indeed deleted all my blogposts and actually wanted to ditch this blogspot for good.
but somehow I came back sebab ingat senang ke nak edit HTML dulu bersengkang mata berhempas pulaaaaas.

I have deleted all my blogposts because of nothing really, 
I just wanted my life balik je sebab I think I have shared too much to be honest.
and I have learnt a lot during this past year contohnya lebih banyak simpan benda untuk diri sendiri sebab yang rahsia tu lagi best sebenarnya baru ah thrill.

I guess this is growing up. 
where you prefer to keep things to yourself because well, lets face it, if you let things out, people will judge no matter what.

so here's to growing up

"I have been searching from the bottom to the top for such a sight, as the one I caught when I saw your fingers dimming in the lights"