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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Fashion Online Malaysia

Since the days I was in the UK, I prefer to do my shopping online, up to the point I wanted to do my groceries shopping online (tapi tak lah sebab rasa macam malas sangat and I needed to go out anyway hiks)

but most of us did not know that there are tips to do shopping online because heyyyy you don't really want something you really enjoy doing (like online shopping of course) turns out the other way round.

so here are some tips provided girlsss 


Women are known to be a shopaholic and often shop fashion online Malaysia from various sites. It can be a very fun and stress relieving activity for women to reward themselves. However, women need to know that there are certain shopping fashion tips to adhere to before beginning their online shopping spree. So below are four crucial fashion online tips that can be beneficial to practice.

1.    List Down

Before you sit in front of your laptop, baca bismillah (because you tend to feel like you need a lot of stuff. so bismillah to scare the syaitons away but during this holy month, erm your nafsu away lah kot) scan your wardrobe for the clothing and other fashion items you do not have. You need to spend smart and purchasing the same clothing designs you already have is just a waste of money. Keep in mind your monthly expense budget put aside for shopping and follow it by making it a list. Writing things down in a list allows you to have more discipline in shopping. You don't really want to makan megi bila duit di bank sudah tidak boleh di withdraw kaann. 

2.    Compare

Comparing items in different online shopping sites is crucial to ensure you buy something worth your pocket money. You do not want to blow your money on something where you can get at a cheaper price at another place. Therefore, to avoid going through that feeling of regret and disappointment, check a few sites and compare prices as well as promotion deals.

You see, I always have this problem where I will ended up buying a thing from a website and I found a better deal on the other website. For me, this particular tip is not only applicable for my online shopping, but also for my "shopping" at bazar Ramadhan (excuse me guys, I am thirsty while typing this)

3.    Install Antivirus

If you do not have an antivirus programme installed on your computer, make sure you have one before shopping online. It helps to prevent your data from being stolen from hackers especially when you have to provide personal information to make payment online. Always keep in mind to update your software regularly to ensure everything goes well. You might think "eh serius ke?" but believe me, better take precaution, nowadays everything is possible.

4.    Check Your Browser

This is important to see whether you have entered a fake website or not. Always check your browser and see the address bar of the site. Do not be fooled with the appearance of the fake site which may resemble like the real one. Besides that, check also the lock sign when you are ready to fill in your bank payment details. Do not proceed if you do not see a lock sign on the payment page you are on.

A week ago I have been eyeing for some of the EMEL X LIYANA JASMAY on ZALORA while reminding myself I must start purchasing for my baju raya soon because I will be in my hometown a day before raya only (so basically cannot go shopping with my Tokmah).

I decided to do it last week but last week with all the labs and stuff I forgotten to revisit ZALORA. Turn out few days ago, quite a few of the collection dah habis kot so moral of the story here girls, pergi shopping raya sekarangggg sebab dah makin banyak orang suka online shopping habislah koleksi kesukaan kena rembat.

And pray for me so that I actually can be bothered to buy a baju raya soon or else pakai je baju raya tahun lepas (dan kena berleter dengan Tokmah) hewhewhew