#Throwback - AFrhn

Saturday, December 26, 2015


I could not sleep yesterday so I decided to go through all my stuff which some of them needed to be sorted out anyway. I came across long lost stuff that I have forgotten oh I simpan lagi rupanya contohnya seperti barang barang yang sentimental ada kena mengena dengan Hujan, Bittersweet, Butterfingers, Couple dan sebagainya.

And I decided to go down the memory lane dan pasang semua lagu lagu familiar yang satu masa dulu it's my jam yo (up until now it is still my jam) dan ofcourse lah I menyesal. Down the memory lane + during after midnight = they are not a good combination. I started to have all these feelings that I don't really like at all. For example, I am sad because of the fact that everything has changed, there are people which I knew during those years, yang I don't even know where they are anymore. Basically, they were once strangers, brought together due to the same interests and also circumstances, and once again, a stranger.

It is funny how things work. Stranger, friends, stranger again. dan salah satu lagi perasaan ketika itu, dissapoinment ; I allowed things to happen. In my defense, everything should be left behind. In a way, it is true. I opened a new book in my life but the thing is tho, I let go of everything in my past including people who did not do me wrong.

I went through everything again and I realized, wow where on earth am I now. it has been a long journey, not a smooth one, but a journey that I am grateful of. I am at a place where tak pernah aku rasa akan berada gittew. They say, I have always been the weird one ; the one who is always missing ; the one who is always trying to cut things off. And thinking back, it's true no matter how hard I go "mana ada la. biasa ja aku dok ada ja sini. hampa ja tak cari"

because I have always been the one that sucks in keeping in touch and most of the time I am comfortable as it is. Sorry.

Hebatnya beberapa lagu daripada zaman #throwback dulu boleh buat gundah gulana macam ni. Nak tidoq tapi tiba tiba teringat dah terlambat untuk tidoq sebab nak kena bawak tok pi markit.