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Monday, October 29, 2018

[TRIP] Berjaya Resort Langkawi

When I said I have pending posts (here and elsewhere) this is one of it. When I said pending, it is really pending because this trip was probably last year. Sorry will improve on updating posts after this. Okay, masuk azam 2019 dan tahun seterusnya.

Berjaya Resort Langkawi terletak dekat dengan area cable car tapi sebab I gayat dan I malaih nak habiskan duit untuk menakutkan diri sendiri, I lalu ja depan area cable car tu. Kalau yang dok sini rasa nak pi cable car tengah tengah bosan, dipersilakan.

Stayed over for 3D2N and the room booked was the Rainforest Chalet. So from the airport there will be someone who will be waiting for you to take you to the resort.

This is the hotel lobby and urm ceiling. 

After you got your room number, you can either walk to the room or I suggest you wait for the shuttle to come. Go to the counter at the waiting area and give your room number. Nanti dah sampai shuttle dia panggil nombor bilik dan selamat pi ke bilik. 

It took about 10 minutes to arrive at my room. Jalan dia mendaki sikit tapi view dia cantikkk.

Sila la kunci pintu balkoni, pintu dan jugakk tingkap. Ni monyet educated.

Dekat Berjaya Resort Langkawi ni ada dua jenis chalet, satu lagi menghadap laut. Satu lagi yang menghadap hutan macam I punya sebab tu la nama dia Rainforest Chalet

You have plenty of water activities to choose from but when I was there, it was the rainy season (my bad for not checking the weather first). Wanted to swim tapi masa tu hujan tak berapa rintik air bergelora so instead of swimming, I went to eat.

Anyway, my chalet and the lobby/sea/restaurant is quite far. Instead of going on the shuttle, I walked instead. Explains why instead of going back to my chalet is not an option, I prefer to eat instead. So that 3 days walking had covered my whole week punya exercise hehehehehehe

During the second day I went to do a bit of walking around the resort, which I thought not going to be that tiring. How wrong I was. Had a bit of a swim before it started to drizzle again. Atok was still alive that time (Al-Fatihah), so she phoned me every so often to actually check whether I was still in the water and probably she was laughing because I couldn't stay in the water and she continued watching Tanyalah Ustaz.

On the last night, got the complimentary dinner worth hundreds at the floating restaurant called the Pahn-Thai Restaurant.

source : Google sebab I terlalu busy fikir nak makan apa sampai terlupa tangkap gambaq

The weather was nice during my last day. So before I checked out, I decided to just go kayaking to the middle (nearly)(probably) of the sea. Decided not to go too far sebab tiba tiba panas sangat lepastu kayak tu panas sangat rasa macam tengah kayak dalam kuali panas.

If you are thinking of having a short getaway with your loved ones or even on your own, this is the nice place to go but make sure you check the weather forecast dulu jangan jadi macam I. 

Berjaya Resort Langkawi address : Karung Berkunci 200 Burau Bay, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.

Until the next trip.

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